Donkey and Struct applications are freely available under GNU GPL v.3 licence. They closely cooperate with Midas (includes OOFEM and T3d for Midas) which is free for non-commercial use. Please reach us via email in case you would like to use Midas commercialy.

When publishing your work based on Donkey or Struct we would welcome referce to application name including Midas and mesh generator T3d for Midas (included inside Midas).

You express your agreement to these contidions by downloading any of DonkeyStruct or Midas applications.


Latest setup of Donkey on (installation guide)

Rhinoceros 3D - trial version available upon email address registration (external link)

Grasshopper - plug-in for Rhino (external link)

Version archive: Donkey 0.75


iGenD STRUCT 0.76 - Beam structures analysis for CAD software based on IntelliCAD, ODA (Open Design Alliance) core and AutoCAD.

4MCAD 14 Professional - CAD software demo version. Use "Nástroje > Nastavení menu" to switch into English (external link)


Latest setup on

The most recent changes between versions are listed in ChangeLog.txt.

There are these MIDAS versions available for download:

Version archive: midas 0.75.exemidas 0.76.exe (Windows)

PDF presentation

Midas is using mesh generator T3d for Midas.

ParaView (VTK file viewer)

ParaView for Windows, Linux, Mac + source (external link)